Travel Details in Baja

Baja California comes with Mexico’s most dramatic sea and landscapes. Wonderful old mission towns, dormant volcanoes, vast and remote deserts everything in together makes Baja tourist’s favorite. With many remnants of the colonial past, the first political capital of Old California is in here. Baja is also well known with its hiking and camping opportunities.

Anyone attracted with the beauty of Baja can fly directly to Los Cabos. Both Tijuana and Mexicali has international airports. But US tourists can easily fly to US destinations and then drive in. Private pilots find Baja profitable for them. For private jets there are general aviation airports with decent facilities. Check the procedures for entering before start journey to Baja, because it regularly gets updated.

Many people from USA or Canada take a street tour to Baja. Govt. takes good care of Transpeninsular Highway but in some place it is very narrow. The middle section is most risky. Driving it alone in the middle of the night is really tough. Also, Mexican truck drivers are reckless which can be a problem in street trip.

There are some travelers who like to ride on bicycle. Transpeninsular Highway can be charming for them. The way is easy to find and straightforward. In populated areas, there are small shops and restaurants. Also, plenty of wild campsites and RV parks are available. Hybrid or traditional touring bikes can be excellent choice for this road. Good quality tires, lots of patches, spare tubes and other puncture resistant measures are essential for bikers.

In Baja, there’s plenty opportunities of hitching. Truck filled with people in back, it’s a common scenario in Baja. But the amount of traffics in the tourist season is the biggest problem for hitching. The important thing is not carrying any drugs in the touring time. Follow the rules and enjoy the greatest fun in Baja.