New Travel Warning by US Government, Protest by local Authorities

In a recent statement, United States Government has announced travel warning for Mexico especially for night. According this announcement, American citizens must travel with caution during night in Mexico. Mexico’s Northern State of Baja Californian Government has raised their voices against this new policy. Federal legislator from Baja and the mayor of Tijuana joined in this protest.

A federal congressman and member of Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party, Fernando Castro Trenti worries that this new statement by the Government will prevent American citizens from visiting Baja. He believes that there’s no way this new statement of government going to help any visitor rather it’ll decrease the huge amount of tourists every year joined from all across United States. “What they’re hoping to accomplish is avoid the flight of capital to Mexican tourism destinations such as Baja California,” Trenti stated.

The main aim of this new statement is to provide increase level of security to the visitors. Every year thousands of visitors visit here and most of them came from United States. They’ve faced several security related incidents before. So the Government is trying to put a new effort to decrease their harassment and make their travel more secure.

But Baja Government and several other officials opposed the decision. The statement doesn’t value the efforts that have been made to reach the current levels of security. Baja is accomplished as one of the most tourist friendly spots in whole U.S. The local authority had to work hard to achieve this honor. But after this statement all of their effort has went in vein.

Tourism is playing the most important role in Baja California’s economy. If the tourists are discouraged by this statement then it’ll put a very influence in their economy.