Must Know Travel Tips for Baja California

World’s second longest peninsula Baja comes with numerous exciting features. Every year lots of people from all over the world enjoy awesome moments in this 700 miles peninsula. Eye blistering natural beauty, mountains and best scuba diving opportunity attracts more and more people every day. Before start your tour to Baja you should know several important facts about Baja.

To pass the Mexican custom check you should know their rules. Tourists are allowed to bring personal items and necessary materials. After you entered into Mexico you must introduce all the electronic equipments which valued more than $50. You can’t carry, sell, process or transport weapon without proper permission. To use or import any hunting weapon an upgraded permit is required.

If don’t have to import your vehicle with you. Lots of rental services are available which can perfectly meet your requirements. But if you’re so choosy and bring your own vehicle with you, you need to apply for a Temporary Importation of Vehicle Permit. To get the permit you must have registration for your vehicle, a valid USA or Canadian driver’s license and proof of citizenship.

When you’re traveling on road always have your valid driver’s license and registration for your vehicle. Bringing car insurance isn’t a must do thing but highly recommended. Mexican speed limits are set in kilometers be aware about that. Don’t drive while you’re drunk or drink while driving. In Mexico, using a cell-phone during driving is a violation of traffic rules. Always wear your seat-belts while driving. In many Mexican roads and highways, there’re military check posts for routine search. Patiently co-operate with them. Take your valuable belongings with you when you get off the car. Always park your car in the busy, well-lighted areas.