Music Festival in Baja California: Main Feature Todos Santos

Think of it as a puzzle, if you are one of the rockers who just want to jam, spent most of the time of your life in one of the world’s top favorite rock bands and suddenly all of it vanishes away, what you’ll do? If you’re someone like Peter Buck then you’d definitely headed south with likeminded alt-rock buddies and spend some good times with tequila soaked music in the Mexican Territory of Todos Santos.

When Peter Buck had to dissolve from the band he did the same thing. He became a part of the first annual Todos Santos Music Festival and raisin hell with town’s laidback locals and colorful expat community. But don’t forget, he is Peter Buck, so he also worked to raise money for a charity that helps the children Magic Village near Baja California.

After a year later the plan is pretty much same just better. In 2012, Todos Santos Music Festival was held over three weekends in January with performances three nights a week from Thursday to Saturday. Historic Hotel California again became the part of another historic musical event. Grand finale took place in town’s traditional plaza on eve of the closing night.

Every show was covered by Buck even eccentric English singer-songwriter Robyn Hitchcock and American roots-rockers Chuck Prophet and Kevn Kenney. Organizers have planned this year’s Todos Santos Music Festival again over three weekends.

Show will start from 10th January and last to 26th January. In addition to shows at Hotel California and the town plaza, this year’s festival features an afternoon beach performance and intimate solo shows at the boutique hotel Rancho Pescadero. It’ll have Posie frontman Ken Stringfellow for a private concert and dinner for hotel guests. If you’re music minded and want to spend some time with sweet music then it’s your time to act.