Mexico’s Best Wine Destination

Mexico is well known to the people for its amazing tequila, but it may be a secret to some people that Mexico has a thriving wine destination named Baja California, in short Baja. Some people mistakes to think that Baja is the place on the West Coast of US, but indeed, it is an area in Mexico. Because of the Mediterranean climate, Baja is the perfect place for producing the libation. Mexico’s 90 percent of the wine comes from this region.

Mexico is indeed the oldest wine-producing region in America. Since the 16th century when Spaniards comes to the country with vine clippings, Mexico is producing wine. The wine of Baja is rarely exported outside the Mexico – which means you will have to make a trip to the Mexico to sample Baja’s wine for yourself.

If you consider visiting Baja California, it would be great to explore the areas. In my opinion, the great way to do that is to take road trip. You can travel Baja in many ways; however, some of my suggested itineraries include Ruta Del Vino, The Baja Gold Coast and The Path of La Rumorosa. Believe me, you will enjoy to watch the natural beauties while going across these routes.

Baja California hosts “Fiesta de la Vendimia” in every August to celebrate the year’s harvest. The event lives for about a month and the best wines of Baja are found during the events. Additionally, there are music, art and a rodeo. Today is the last day of this year’s event. The event began on 2nd August.

Many different experiences can be had in Baja California. Gourmet restaurants, boutique hotels, markets, indigenous communities and local market all help to add to this rich wine destination. Some top wineries include Adobe Guadalupe, Casa Madero, L.A Cetto and Casa de Pierda.