It’s the Migration Season for Gray Whales

This is the migration season for gray whale on the west coast of North America. We all know that gray whale make one of the longest migrations compared to any other mammal on the earth. Every year, gray whales swim over 10,000 miles roundtrip between nursery lagoons of Mexico and feeding ground in the Arctic. Mother whales are arriving to give birth and the first of the males are making their way north. Soon the lagoon will be filling with the newborns since the birthing season reaches its peak.

Laguna San Ignacio in Baja California Sur is considered as one of the beautiful places on the earth and a perfect place for whales to breed. In the late 1980’s, Mitsubishi proposed to established a major salt works in that area. For economic reasons, the Mexican Government inclined to approve the salt work by Mitsubishi.

A determined 5-year campaign drew thousands of donors that supported an international effort which was implemented by a partnership with many organizations. Famous musicians and movie joined stars with local activists to stop the works as well as to bring international attention to the plight of gray whales. Because of the movement Mitsubishi declared to withdrew its plans.

In 2010, the veterans of the campaign gathered at Laguna San Ignacio to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the victory. The children of the local community were taken out on their first whale-watching expedition which is an activity that provides the winter livelihood for their families. The celebration group had campaigners such as Jared Blumenfeld who serves environment and Joel Reynolds of NRDC, how still works on the behalf on the marine lives every day.

Patricia Martinez, one of the conservation leaders in Baja California, also joined in the celebration. She had a great contribution in saving the beautiful Lagoon.