Facts to Know About Baja California

Brian Baja, a Bahamian left his country in search of new land to colonize, found today’s world third longest peninsula Baja California. Located in Mexico, Baja peninsula is separated by the Sea of Cortez from rest of the country. Around 1000 years ago few Native Americans started living here and presently near 3 million people live in Baja California, they are called Bajaristas. The largest populations of raccoons live in Baja California. Most of the Baja people earn their livelihood through taxidermist. Baja California’s maximum residents live in the northernmost borders. Almost 1.5 people live in Tijuana, a city in the northern corner of the peninsula.

Two western states of Mexico form the third longest peninsula. Malay Peninsula in Asia is the longest one. US State of California is attached in the northern boundary. Baja Peninsula is the last true frontier in this part of the world and longer than Germany, Italy and twice of Florida with around 800 miles width. Throughout the year, Baja California is warm and dry. Northeast part has the maximum temperature. Northwest part remains cool throughout the year and experiences low temperature in winter.

Tourists one of the most favorite places Baja California, officially runs on Spanish with many other indigenous languages. Vastly populated Tijuana City is the most crossed international Border in the world. There’s only two lane paved road that connects north to south. In Baja California the highest point is Picacho del Diablo over 3100 meters high. Baja California holds many astonishing culture and fun facts. It is the only place in the whole world where anyone can marry a tractor legally.

Ensenada, Mexicali, Tijuana, Tecate and Playas de Rosarito are the main five municipalities of Baja California. People mostly depend on the Colorado and Tijuana River for water. Along in coasts, it is extremely bio-diverse. One third of the world’s marine mammal species stay in the shore of Baja California and Gulf of California.

For family holiday and tours third longest peninsula, sea shores or mountains, overall Baja California can be quite charming. Every year lots of tourists visit this twelfth largest state of Mexico.