Culinary Cuisine: Baja’s New Attraction with Mexican Fusion

For a long time Baja California is known for its Chinese food and pizza. In culinary section its top contribution was Caesar salad or some Mexican dish. Recently a group of chef wants to change the scenario. They intend to contribute unique cuisine mostly based on the seafood. The craze comes as Baja Med which includes fusion of Mexican food. New cuisine gets influenced from Mediterranean and Asia.

This new movement from a large group of chef has interested several restaurants. These restaurants are willing to provide the needed help to pull new kinds of tourists who put great value in foods and art more than drink or brothel. Baja Med includes outstanding food items for the tourists. It’s unique with the Mexican ingredients mixed with lemon grass and olive oil. Tempura fish tacos and deep sea shrimps are signature dishes served with fried marlin, baby farm tomatoes, scallions and a sauce of local cheeses.

The main intention of this cuisine craze is to put the most importance in the ingredients. Because of its geographic position Baja is blessed with different products across the year. It’s really astonishing they don’t yet have any regional cuisine with all the benefits but those days are over.

According to the government Baja is the fourth largest vegetables cultivating area in Mexico. Also, mussels, oysters, shrimp, clams are available in the most of the part. For the better output red lobster, manta rays, sea cucumbers and salicornia can be used.

For the last few years chefs were working all by themselves to contribute in the culinary cuisine section. But now they’re working together with their individual style. Though Chef’s Association was formed eight years ago the movement got boost up recently through government support and various food festivals.