On the Road in Baja

Baja is among the most fascinating places on earth with many striking features. It is usually regarded as the second longest peninsula with above 700 miles of land with invading sherbet-colour canyons, palm trees and mountains. All these leave a tourist to marvel as they are very captivating. When tourists come around for vacation and visitation, they find it difficult departing this great land of beautiful sight.

When visiting Baja, it is nice to have a cruise round the city. The roads are highly networked to give a comfortable drive. There are many things you would find out in the city. The natural endowments interestingly add to the beautiful vista view of the road map. Mountains by the road sides create much captivating view as you pass by the villages. The La Paz is a southern city of the Cabos and it gives a scintillating experience having a cool drive pass this place as well as other southern cities.

Mentioning the world under water, there are many marine lives that also attract the attention of most tourists. The life style of these cold blooded animals is very interest; seeing gray whales lingering into calve in lagoons in the city. Among the Whales are the Kayak, and whale sharks, etc. Also, there are some sea lions and turtles on shore.

Surf Lovers found a smashing experience in this city as they can choose from plenty breaks such as the San Miguel, Los Cabos Corridor likewise the Todos Santos. Besides, there is much fun having either windsurfing or the kite surfing at the wave-free waters of La Ventana and Los Barriles.

Furthermore, the beautiful parks and reserves in Baja are greatly attractive in their natural splendour. Not only that the makes up of these parks and reserves are varied species of plant and animal, but also they only exist in this part of the world. Talking about the plants, the highland pine forest of Parque Nacional Constitucion de 1857 is of important attractiveness as well as the Parque Sierra San Pedro Matir, which is home to bobcats and bighorn sheep. The desert in the land is also a place of interest. The Ocotillo and Cholla are typical deserts as they live with years without a taste of rainfall. In contrast, a walk through Cardon Cacti and the Palo Verde forests in Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra de la Laguna thrives within the jewel-like springs and sometimes waterfalls around.

Conclusively, dishes of different food are all around to nourish the belly so as to have a all in one fantastic experience. Grape fruits are all around in the vineyards. In summary, Baja is a place of comprehensive fun and enjoyment. It has a variety of features that make it stand out among other places.